Here at Epicentre we have a couple of standard rules that we walk students through every week and also some expectations we have. Our policy is to give a warning and if that warning is ignored or students escalate in disobedience, students will be asked not to come back for a week. If poor behaviour persists, a student may be asked not to return for several weeks. If there is a fear that a student is violent or is creating a negative/unsafe environment for others, a student may be asked to come only if accompanied by a parent.

The Rules

  • Rule #1 – Respect The Building: If something breaks, let us know. If you can’t do it at school, think twice before trying it here. Remember that it costs money to have what we have. If you break it, you may have to replace it.
  • Rule #2 – Respect Each Other: There is no tolerance for fighting. At Epicentre we want to encourage each other so try to find nice things to say to people and don’t gossip or spread rumours. Watch your language too. We aren’t big fans of swearing so don’t be surprised if we ask you not to use specific words while you’re here.
  • Rule #3 – Respect The Adult and Student Leaders: The leaders are here to hang out with you and make sure that you stay safe and have a great time. If they ask you to do something, do it.
  • Rule #4 – Respect The Lord: This is a church. Although you may not attend here regularly, some people do. We believe God is real and that he has an incredible plan for our lives. When we’re talking about God or praying, be respectful of those around you who are interested in learning more and expressing their faith.


What We Expect From Students

  • Once you check in, you don’t leave: Some students walk and others are dropped off but we want to make sure you’re safe and accounted for. As soon as you sign in, you become our responsibility so you can’t leave the building without a leader or with whoever is picking you up, unless we speak to a parent or have written consent.
  • Cell Phones & iPods: At Epicentre we felt burdened that many of our young were missing opportunities to build relationships with each other because they were too busy texting or playing games on their phones. In response to this we have decided to collect the cell phones as the kids check in for the evening and are safely locked away until the end of the evening. Our “Be with the Friends that are Here” initiative seeks to encourage the teens to build their relationships with God and with each other. If there is an emergency and you need to contact your child you can call 613-203-5548 at any point in the evening.
  • Put Your Garbage in the Bin: Garbage happens when we’re all enjoying candy from the tuck shop but do your part and make sure all your trash finds its way to the garbage bin. It helps us keep the place clean and tidy for others to use and enjoy.
  • Have Fun & Invite Your Friends: We think you’ll have an amazing time at Epicentre and we hope that you’ll invite all your friends to come with you the next time you show up.