What is Worship?

Worship is the act of acknowledging God as Lord in Jesus Christ. We can worship God on our own but there is something special in gathering as the church to worship. We worship God through music, prayer, Bible reading and hearing God’s Word shared in the message our Pastor brings each week.

Contemporary Worship

At St. Paul’s, we believe it is essential to share the good news of the message of salvation through Jesus Christ in a way that is relevant to the society around us.

Our contemporary worship is at 9:30 am each Sunday and seeks to provide an informal atmosphere in which to worship and share time with each other. The praise band leads the service mostly through contemporary worship music and we hear the message from our Pastor. This is followed by a time together sharing a cup of coffee and some cookies.

This service is particularly suitable for families with children of all ages. We provide nursery care and a children’s program for older children during the worship time. Please join us for our next contemporary service!

Traditional Worship

Relevance is important for the church but so is acknowledging our faith history. Our traditional worship is at 11:00 am where you will find many “traditional” elements of worship.

The music is led by the choir accompanied by the piano and organ. We sing many of the great hymns of the faith as we worship God together. As with contemporary worship, we hear God’s Word shared in the message from our Pastor. We gather before the worship service to share time and some coffee and cookies.

We look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

What to expect on Sunday morning

There is a small parking lot at the front of the church building mostly for those who need accessible parking. The large lot is at the back of the building – you can park in any spot. As you come through the doors you will be welcomed. You will be directed to our worship space but you can also get directions to the washrooms.

When you arrive with children you will be invited to check your children in. This program ensures that we know your children’s names and where they are during worship. We collect contact information and necessary health information such as allergies so that we can provide a safe and healthy environment. The children will receive a sticker, placed on their backs, and parents receive a sticker for pickup.

There is no dress code at St. Paul’s. You will find suits and dresses to jeans, shorts and golf shirts. Worship is usually about an hour to an hour and a quarter long.