As your student attends our student environment there are a couple of things we think every parent should know.


Drop Off & Pick Up

Epicentre begins at 6:00pm and goes until 9:30pm. Our doors open at 5:30pm and we ask that students don’t show up before then as we can’t guarantee adequate supervision. We will remain until the last student leaves but our hope is that you would pick up your student NO LATER than 9:35pm.


Snow Days

Our policy on snow days is to continue to run a modified version of our program. We leave it up to the parents to decide individually if they feel comfortable driving. In extreme cases Epicentre may be cancelled. If this occurs phone calls will be made to inform you.


Injury Procedure

Every activity sponsored by Epicentre is carefully planned and adequately supervised by mature adults and competant student leaders. However, even with the best of planning and precaution, unforeseen events can occur. If one does occur, our policy is to do everything possible to notify the parent/guardian BEFORE obtaining any treatment.

If the injury is a bump or scrape we will treat it on-site with ice or a bandaid without calling the parent/guardian. If the injury is serious or we suspect it may be more serious than initially thought we will take the steps necessary to contact the parent/guardian or make sure a parent/guardian is informed. If a student is brought by a friend, their parent may be informed in lieu of access to the immediate parent/guardian.


Lost or Stolen Items

We do our best to create an environment where students are safe and can have a lot of fun. Sometimes things get misplaced, are forgotten, mistakenly taken by another student or stolen. We have a lost & found area on site where items left behind are placed each week. If the item is of a high value, we will keep it locked up until they are claimed. If something goes missing or is suspected of being stolen we will do our best to retrieve it but we cannot take responsibility, financial or otherwise, for those items.