Epicentre Student Ministries at St.Paul’s has multiple groups that meet throughout the week but they all work towards one goal: to help students build a relationship with God. We believe this is best done by giving students somewhere to belong, and people who care about them. By doing this we hope to make an invisible God visible by the way we care for and engage with students. On top of that, we also work very hard to build a great community and have a ton of fun.

Christian or not everyone is welcome in any of these groups. To see some more details on upcoming events in our ministry please take a look at our events calendar. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Youth Pastor at Tyler@epicentreyouth.com



For Grades 6-8

The Outlet

 Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm in our Youth Room upstairs. This group is a ton of fun. We work hard to create a welcoming community that has fun and grows together. At this age the biggest question we are asking ourselves is who are we? We want to help navigate those waters with the help of scripture and one another.

The Dugout

Sunday mornings from 9-10am in our Youth Room upstairs. In this class we take the lessons and stories from the Bible and work to see who God is, who we are and how that changes our everyday life, our hobbies, our relationships and everything in between. We help one another understand how to grow and are encouraged to create healthy spiritual disciplines in our lives. 

For Grades 9-12

The Source

Friday nights from 6:30-9:30pm at St.Paul’s. Here you can expect to be greeted any a friendly community, take part in fun games and events. We also take time to dig into the bible and tackle life’s toughest questions in small groups to help us all in the lives we lead throughout the week.

The Huddle

Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:30am in our Youth Room upstairs. If life is the game then this is the huddle. We take time in this class to really dig our teeth into biblical truths that can help us students prepare to enter the world of independence in a few years. This is a community where we want to create a space to ask hard questions and challenge on another to grow as we learn together.